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Memory Leak Fix v1.0.0

A mod that fixes random memory leaks for both the client and server

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Shotgun Extension Mod v0.6

When you press 1 while holding a shotgun, your shotgun will shoot 99 bullets every time you fire. Removes the shotguns only weakness, inaccuracy!

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Currency Balancing Mod v1.1

Wizards of Legend is a grind, this mod will make it pretty enjoyable by balancing currency, it changes the loot tables for gold and platinum!

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Cooler Chat Mod v1.0

This simple mod was created to re-add the functionality of colored chat in the game, which was removed by landfall during an update.

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Speedup Mod v1.0

A simple mod which has the ability to change the speed at which the game runs. This mod can be used to get to a specific location much faster.

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Weapon Switcher Mod v1.1

Weapon Switcher allows the player to switch guns at any time. The gun list includes all the god weapons, boss weapons, and beta/old weapons!

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Ping Tag Mod v1.0

Let's have the advantage in a stick fight match. Have the ability to see the ping for all the players at all times. This mod should already be part of the game!

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Always Blink Mod v1.0

Blink Dagger is known for being one of the most op weapons in stick fight, but what if you always had the blink daggers abilities? What will you try?

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Mayhem Editor Mod v1.2

This mod brings the editor to a whole new level. It adds the ability to Stack Objects, Rotate Objects, and change the map size past its usual limit!

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Ultimate Puncher Mod v1.0

This mod was designed with a singular goal in mind, to be the best in stick fight without using any weapons... Punching was the only option!

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Insanity Weapons Mod v1.1

The Insanity Weapons Mod changes it so you have no weapon cooldown & recoil, no punch cooldown, infinite ammo, and all weapons are fully automatic!

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